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Age: 40
Location: Negros Oriental, Bayawan City,
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mY LIFE IS FULL OF surprises...Why do i say that? Circumstances come and go.Unexpected situations caused a big impact on me.

I am a sensitive person, i easily get hurt, i easily trust anyone , but once i'm hurt , i also get discourage ...once a trust is broken, it is hard to have it back as a whole...

I want  to live where there is truht within, i want to feel that someone deserves my love, kindness and loyalty.I don't want fooling and playing around here...

I believe, truth will set us free. Even knowing the truth sometimes hurt us but we must remember, that it is our own way to show how true and strong we are...

Let us face the fact that people are just like that...so be careful in trusting people.Let us not allow them to use, hurt and play our life.

Let us enjoy living with the truth .

Let us not hide what is ought to be true.

someday...we will be reliable of what we are doing right now.

And who will suffer?...

Let us start now, by being a true one to ourselves and to others.

Let us remember that God is watching us and HE will punish those who are trying to do false things to HIs children.

Blessed are those who are living with God's light and always believing the power of Truth.

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Hidden Treasure
There are so many things we will never see...so many things we will never do...but the one thing everyone is looking for i have found in you...we have shared memory after memory...tear after tear...laugh after laugh...we never cease to have a great time...just enjoying each others company...the bonding that we have done made us friends...our hearts made us the Best of friends

Everyone looks at us giggling and laughing sometimes without a word ever spoken...and they just watch in amazement because they have searched for this very thing a loving... caring... trusting... bonding... friendship

We seem to have a connection no one else has. ive called you just when you needed me to and you've done the same for me...were not afraid to show each other our tears on lonely nights

Im not exactly sure of the time, date, or place of when we became best friends but unlike a birthday or holiday we will celebrate it year round...day and nite and in everything we do...

So i think we have won against all odds i found a friend who i can call a real true friend my best friend...so to this rare jewel...thanks and i love you

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