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Another year or so between entries LOL

So I keep forgetting that I even have this blog. Things have changed since February 2015, some for better, some for worse.

The worse is my current roommate.  The better is that I have been working as a cashier at Safeway for nearly a year (10 1/2 months and counting).

My current roommate is impossible. She has insinuated that I am a bastard (the technical meaning of bastard is an illegitimate child) by asking "were your parents ever even married, or was it just your dad and Winn?" First off it is so none of her business whether my parents were married or not (they were married for ten damn years). Second off insinuating that someone is a bastard is just tacky beyond belief.  

Her next bit of BS is to weep bitterly for 5 full minutes because I won't go for walks with her or ride bikes together.  Well, if she hadn't prefaced the conversation with a discussion of my body and my weight I would be much more inclined to walk/ride bikes.  She had the nerve to ask how much I weigh, which is none of her business just like whether or not my parents were ever even married is none of her business.

She has also accused me numerous times of going into her room when she isn't there.  I have been in said room exactly ZERO times. On the other hand, she has been in MY room without permission several times even though my major rule for roommates is DO NOT GO INTO MY ROOM WITHOUT PERMISSION!!

She has accused me of stealing a light bulb out of her room (however, she likes to steal MY food). She has accused me of handing out house keys to random strangers (keys were hanging in the laundry room, all three looked alike, was tired of trying all of them to see which one would open the back door so I moved them), and she has insinuated that I gave out the password to the Wi-Fi.  

Once I get full time work this woman is SO out of here. 

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4 years down the road
I'd completely forgotten I had a HoverSpot account with an attached blog.

The last 4 years have been interesting, to say the least

1) Pulmonary emboli (blood clots in the lungs) in 2010, have been on blood thinners ever since.

2) 3 roommates (2011-2012, 2012-2013, and 2013-2015)

3) several jobs, offline and online

4) bought a new laptop, since I lost internet connection, landline, and TV in July 2013

5) Writing a book about number 2 above, since they were/are all nuts LOL

6) developed arthritis throughout my body (2014-2015)
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Monster.com sucks

first off they find a non-existent virus on the resume I uploaded. 

This resume has been sent as an attachment over 75 times this year alone, I am sure that if there were a virus attached some of the potential employers would have gotten back to me and SCREAMED about the virus.

They told me they had been able to convert the text into a simple HTML text and that I needed to activate this resume so that it could be found.

I never activated the resume.  Yet I have received 4 emails in response to a resume that never got activated. 

This would be great except one email was for software development with a requirement for a BA/BS or greater in Computer Science, Mathematics, Computer Science/Engineering, Information Management or CIS. My degree is a BS in Business/Economics. In addition the job required relocation to Madison WI when I had clearly told Monster.com I was NOT interested in relocating anywhere ever

The other 3 emails were regarding insurance sales.  My experience is in banking, clerical, data entry, accounting.  My resume shows no sales experience at all other than 3 months in retail (Sales Support at Macys/Bloomingdales)

And when I go to Monster.com they show the resume has 0 views.  So where did the 4 emails--all stated they found my resume on Monster.com-- come from? Mars, Jupiter, Neptune?

Monster.com sucks!

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