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if love some one tell they before it 2 late
1 day walk down street wit my with my head phone on wit nocare 4 any 1 around me until isaw this girl her eyes meet mine i was so scare to walk up 2 her so let her go next day i want in this place n there she was working she was so beaful so everyday i would vist her jst c her smile 4 like week then i got feel that this day i going 2 ask out my lips was dry n my hand  wet i got in suit in tie n walk 2 place she work i look around but she no where so ask her boss but he say she not come in so walk home it was  raining  hard so when find got home i was wet frm head 2 toe i jst turn off my celly phone n sit down n turn on the tv as i start  2 fall a sleep the new had come on in big red letter it say a girl was kill in car  i jst fell 2 my knee it was girl i love i jst cry n ask my self y fell lone n hope he would drink all day long at bar on the block until 1 day he got car frm drink 2 much n  as was drive this car run a red light n kill on the spot

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