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my soul is in thes but it whataver it dont matter anyways
My Dear

While I have a difficult time putting my emotions on a sleeve, I feel it's so very important to express how much you really mean to me.

I long to say this in person, with you holding me tightly in your arms and gazing into your mesmerizing eyes, but unfortunately, I am unable to do so. Because we are separated by these thousands of miles of nothingness and emptiness, my expression of love for you will come in the form of letters, such as this.

It is so very difficult to be separated from you, even for a day, and I know that you feel the same. Life and love appear to be full of trials such as these. Perhaps they will make us and our relationship stronger? They test our inner strength, our very core, our love and devotion. We'll continue to hold strong and build despite the distance. It's said that true love is boundless and immeasurable and, in its purest form, overcomes all forms of adversity. While I know this to be true, I also know that when genuine, it grows stronger and steadier as it does for us.

While our love has been tested by this distance, I know that what we have remains true and unbroken. The longer I am away from you, the more I yearn for you. I want to be in your arms and lost in your eyes. I cherish each and every thought of you, each memory that flashes through my mind, and each dream that floats through at night while I sleep. I live for the day when we are together again and for the day when we never part. Until that day arrives, know that I love you. Across these desolate miles, I send my love, my warm embrace, the comfort of my soul, and my tender, yet passionate kiss.

I'm yours,

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