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I love Matthew Alan!

From Blum, TX
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Hey~ My name is Kristen Nichole! I live in Blum Texas! WooHoo! B*town! I love sports even though I have only played the last two years! I love Matthew Alan,He is attending MCC and he is working on getting his doctorate ( I think that's what it is called) and I plan on going to MCC next semester to be a nurse! =) FUN! Although I have not completely decided because I would also like to be a teacher! hmm! Desicions desicions~ =)
Music Yes Sir! Music! I love it all! Well pretty much all it depends on my mood but I generally only like classical to sleep to or take a test to!
Movies I would have to say scary movies used to be my favorites but now I am leaning towards comedies!
Sports I love all sports I play Volleyball (labarro) Basketball, Cross Country, Guys Baseball, track, tennis, and me and my bestfriends managed the football team! I also love watching football but especially college football!
Hobbies Hmm...writing I would guess... I dunno
General Hmm I have a Pup named Dakota! I call her Kota for short...and hmmm...I go to Blum high school! YEAH BOBCATS! WHOOHOO SENIORS!


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03/09/2006 09:49 AM

Your a GOOBER!:) Its cause we're BRILLIANT!

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01/24/2006 10:58 PM

woohoo!! i just found my prom dress from there today im excited! its pink!

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01/23/2006 05:45 PM

yea but im havin such a hard time this year for a prom dress today i went to tootsies and a store in the galleria and i tried on like 12 dresses and i kinda sorta had one for a last result but nothing that i just had to have so tomorrow im going to windsor to look

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01/22/2006 07:16 PM

a store called windsor

Chasity #12
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01/20/2006 10:07 AM

hey cole!! i hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!! tell matty patty i said HEY :)