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..::Love is greater than any addiction, HELL IT IS ONE!::..

From Detroit, MI
Build/Figure Slim
Ethnicity Black / African descent
Marital Status Single
Religion Baptist
Sign Taurus
Occupation Student
Education Some college
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*w!p3 m3 d0wn*
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..::Love is greater than any addiction, HELL IT IS ONE!::..

A COUPLE OF WORDS TO ALL U FEMS AND BAD ASS STUDZ: Remember dat if u know it's real keep hold'n 'em down and love 'em right.

ABOUT ME: Beautiful light skinned, talented artist, and model in the making.I like 2 go shoppin, Hang out, Run track 2 stay in shape, go skatin,to da movies n play Volleyball, party(not all da time)Go out to eat(not a whole lot of fast food.)

SHOUT OUTS TO... BJ (da sweetest stud I know,u know wat u will always be to me Love ya gurl) My Bestfriend Bubba (dat soft singin stud, I can't wait til' u get out gurl), to my stud brotha Q (wit yo crazy self keep yo bestfriend out of trouble) to my nigga Amanda and her gurl Jay (ya'll get at me)to LaPorsha and her gurl Jazmine (love ya'll niggas) and to all dem haters dat keep this gutta gurl so motivated. And to all my freaky ass fem friends keep holdin dem bad ass studz down

Music A little bit of everything:

...and the BEAUTIFUL Alicia Keys

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Movies Set it Off (the best movie of all time)

My Favorite

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Sports Volleyball (babyyyy)

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Hobbies Volleyball (babyyyy), drawin, and some day hopefully I will be a model!!!

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General U c it say married for marital status say married dats my BABY ELMO dat dimpled stud (she so gutta)....basically im just a fun loving, simple, out going, spontaneous, around the way type of gurl......... so if that excites u dont be shy or timid just hit me up

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i love my boo
2388 pts

04/02/2007 05:51 PM

im good wat about u

i love my boo
2388 pts

04/02/2007 05:23 PM

wat it do boo

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04/02/2007 05:22 PM


lyin ass bytchez
1607 pts

12/22/2006 10:27 AM

hey baby i havent been on in a min since you stopcoming on an now that i know your back i came to show you some luv i ove you baby and i miss you kep yourhead up to the skyya heard **muah*

1699 pts

12/18/2006 03:43 PM

u need 2 get a facebook page and myspace cuz hoverspot lame na....and thay wont give me no ipod so fa

1699 pts

10/13/2006 01:04 PM

u need 2 call sumbodi but i guess u 2 busy 4 me na

lyin ass bytchez
1607 pts

10/03/2006 12:52 AM

you whatit is baby here 2 rest my head again elmo is back in town ya heard

1157 pts

09/19/2006 10:11 PM

Lets C As A Joke Wats Up Wit U

1157 pts

09/11/2006 10:31 PM

Wats up ugly

2231 pts

09/08/2006 09:09 AM

Hey, wat u been up too? aint aint heard from u in a while...but i was just droppin by to say "hello". :) return the love!

1695 pts

09/07/2006 03:38 PM

a boo how u been.i would really lke 2 get bck in touch wit u.just hit me up

2632 pts

09/02/2006 11:17 PM

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09/02/2006 11:28 AM

Just showing sum love sis

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09/01/2006 06:05 PM

thanx thanx...nothin...u a chick im a hen...haha...holl@ ur boy soon chick

1321 pts

08/30/2006 11:39 PM

yea...wat up bad...hiit me up some time...dont just depend on me top hit u up