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Your Numba 1 lesbian love!

From Mount Laurel, NJ
Build/Figure Slim
Ethnicity Latino / Hispanic
Marital Status Single
Religion Not Religious
Sign Virgo
Occupation Teacher / Professor
Education High school
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I'm single. I'm 5' 93ish lbs. I tend to abide by 'gender roles' like i feel like my bf is supposed to bring me in some money and nice things, and i take care of him adn give him what he wants and do the chores and cook(though i'm going to have to learn to do that b4 i get in2 a really serious relationship lol). That doesnt mean i want a guy who's going to beat me or make everything about him, but believe you me, i'll make it about him. I don't like being the center of attention all the time, but i do want to be number 1 in my guys life(well as far as love interests go) I dont want to replace family or friends... let me make that clear.

I'm definately a girly-girl if there ever was one and if u have a problem with it u could kiss my royal puerto rican @$$!!! I love anything biker! I'm gonna buy a harley when i get the money(and yes it has 2 b a harley my uncle would kill me if i bought anythign else... sides theres nothin else worht buying!)
(^Thatz my uncle(scarface)'s bike club>
I have my ears pierced and my bellybutton... and I'm going to get my tongue pierced hopefully for Easter*crosses fingers*... if not I'll have it by next Christmas.
I tend to be a bitch to people without meaning it
I cant wait to get my bike and my tat... lol it's gonna b a chick on my harely(which is so gonna b pink) and she's gonna have wings and somehow fire and "69" are going to be incorperated into it. It's gonna b sooo hot!!!! Um I'm Puerto Rican nad have a fairly large size family.
ummm letz c idk wat else 2 say about me. i was born in bklyn and i lvoe it there i got back every chance i get(but only ever w/ my uncle unless i have money to shop on 5th) I totally plan to go into psychology. I'm going to be a nurse practioner b.c it doesnt involve med school. I plan on completing a 5 year masters program in only 4. And i'm studying holistic medication(meaning instead of chemicals, i'm using natural substances and light therapies and what not.)
I have an obsession with Disney princesses. Im probably going to put a few pictures of them up when I find really good ones and when I figure out where I would put them. My favorite is Aurora, aka sleeping beauty. I think she is the most beautiful of all of them, plus she is in close contact with faeries, another of my obsessions.


Anything! Absolutely anything! I love to listen to different things.
my favs are:
Jessica Simpson
Kanye West
Christina Aguelera
Last Week
Linkin Park!
Taking Back Sunday
Three Days Grace
The Used
The Killers
Blink 182
The Offspring
Papa Roach
Puddle Of Mudd
And MANY more...
702 ~ Where my girls at
DMX ~ ruff ryders anthem
ginuwine ~ Hell Yea
R Kelly ~ Ignition remix
Lil Kim ~ The Jump off
50 Cent lil kim ~ Magic Stick
50 cent ~ Many men
Mandy Moore ~ Stupid Cupid
JayZ Beyonce ~ Crazy in Love
Sean Paul Beyonce ~ Baby Boy
3 Days Grace ~ I Hate Everything About You
Aaliyah ~ Miss You
Akon ~ Lonely
Seether ~ Broken
Avril Lavigne ~ Things I'll Never Say
Beyonce ~ Dangerously In Love
Blink 182 ~ The Party Song
Blink 182 ~ Violence
Christina Aquelera ~ Infatuation
Christina Aquelera ~ What a Girl Wants
Christina Aguelera ~ Loving Me For Me
Christina Aguelera ~ Turn To you
Evanescence ~ Bring Me To Life
Jessica Simpson ~ With You
Kanye West ~ Jesus Walks
Ludacris ~ What's your fantasy
Lumidee ~ Never Leave
Nas ~ I can
Nelly ~ Dilema
Nelly ~ Over and Over Again
Nickleback ~ Someday
S Club ~ Never Had a Dream Come True
You're The One That I Want
Slipknot ~ Duality
Orgy ~ Stiches
SR17 ~ Right Now
TI ~ You dont know me
All of Eminemz songs(well a great majority of them)
~~more 2 come

Movies Ironed Jawed Angels
Cheaper by the dozen movies(<3 Tom Welling!>
Dukes of Hazzard
theres more i jsut cant think of them right now
Sports Baseball
.... idk... I dont play any sports tho... i mean who would want these beautiful legs getting all bulky?

Hobbies My friends:
Ronnie Dahling~~I <3 u boi! Lol Fuckin funniest dude I think I ever met!
Lina~~Sistas 4 lyfe hehehehe
Lysha~~Emo girl in an Emo world
Henny~~Yay you didnt leave <3 you boy!
Matt F~~Hardcore stoner boy... but u need 2 stop tht shyt seriously... and thnx for the escort to my bus...
Matt S~~YOUR BACK! cant wait til ur allowed to hang out!!!
Luna~~ hey you're a great sister... even if you arent mine... hehe <333z
G~~Cz are gorgeous!
Rosie~~ hey grly... monday and AC was in awesome... we gotta hang out sometime again... def go to a club or something... yupyup!!! ima check out wht they got for saturdays and shyt... or if we plan ahead... jeanine could dump josh with the baby... hellz yea! lol
Jeanine~~Hey Josh is a dick face... we should have another day out... or rather a night... ima look up some clubs... on saturday nights right? cuz thats when u dont got baby joshua rite? kk nd the bobo was nothing... $10 and baby joshua has a halloween costume! oh that would be so cute... sit outside with him after you take him out a bit... o that would b A-DOLL-ABLE! hehe
Lyndz~~sup grl... hope everything works out for you!
Grant~~Hope s starting to look up for you and your family man. much love bab
Steve~~ I cant believe your still with stacy! I KNOW IT MIGHT BE WRONG BUT I'M IN LOVE WITH STACYS MOM!! I'm gonna sing that everytiem i c u 2 together i swear! lol love ya man
Jason~~ hey babe keep it real... i mean it... be true to who you are!
Manny~~ hey boy you gotta get e a hook up seriously! you cant work at Q and not get ur fav cuz some props!*bats eyes*
My whole fam cuz I <3 all of you
Norm~~ you stopped... congratulations!!! i'm so proud of you!!! now if i could only get you to avoid the marines..... or nto.... thatz 2 much to ask i know
Pat~~I'd definately bounce off... hehe...
Thtz all Im gonna rite for now b.c this shyt took mad in long to do and Ive got a migrane. Sry if I missed u Email me and Ill add u on.

General Interests:
Random Sh*t
Having Fun
Making Friends
Hanging Out With Friend
Friends Needs
Learning From My Mistakes
Doing things that no one else can or does

Pet Peeves
Jealous Exs
People Who talk tlk like they know shyt!
Fake nonconformists
More later

How stupid can you get?
I, like Jessica Simpson, once thought buffalo wings were actually made of buffalo(but I knew they didnt have wings I thought it was some other part of their body).
I was at Six Flags and there was a sign that said sf in a circle it took me like 10 mins, and my cousin telling me, for me to find out what it meant.
I honestly had no clue for the longest time how many legs a beaver had(its 4!)
sighz theres just so many! I dont think I could write them all right now*
Basic Info:
Status: single
Orientation: You really want to know? So does everyone else live with it
Hometown: Mt Laurel NJ
Body Type: 5' petite!
Ethnicity: Hispanic, PUERTO RICAN BITCHES!
Sign: Virgo
Smoke: No
Drink: No
Education: High School
Occupation: Assistant Teacher at Family Fun Daycare( n_Daycare)
Income: lol umm I don't even wanna answer this!
Hair Color: Brows
Eye Color: Brown
Makeup Used: Eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipstick/gloss.
Reason For Living: Meli, Iysis, Anthony, Joshua Jr. My family, My friends etc etc. the hope of having/adopting kids some day
Clothing Style: varies depending on my mood
Clothing Color: um pink, beige, white, blue, green, orange, black, red, well I'm just a colorful person! lol
Label: Prep/Goth depends who you ask

Random Ish:
I support gay rights but Im not gay(or am I?)
I don't drink, I used to very very rarely but I don't now.
I'm 16
I like Bush.
I like computers.
I live to serve

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Hey gurl, jus wanted 2 sho sum luv on ur pg,u should chk out my myspace pg., hp uv had a grt day..............

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Smack You have been smacked. Did it hurt ?You have been chosen one of the best looking people on my friends list. Once you've been hit you have to hit 15 good lookin people, If you get hit again you will know you are really Good Looking .If you break the chain you'll have ugliness for 10 years!! ;-)

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Haven't talk to you in awhile, hope you have a great weekend...(SSBS)

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Just dropin by to show U some Love.

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Hey beautiful,
How’s life???
Hope the year is going great for you. I’ve been doing a lot of advertising work for my company and that has been keeping me big time busy…how about you???
As usual I’m doing this between jobs so hit me up when you got a minute.

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How is ur holiday ma? i hope u got a lot of gifts and santa came 2 ur crib just blessing u gurl! lol.

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Hey Gorgeous lady, hope u r having a good day...
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Happy Hump day... Stay beautiful and sweet... Pablo

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thanks for the add hope we can be friends

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hey, sexy

nice 2 meet u @};- **==

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I-Ii, I-I R U ?
Thx 4 accept me
Have nice day & Good night @};-

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hi an wutssup how ur day