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You Soo Wear Your Skin Like Its Too Tight _x

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11/18/2008 04:31 PM

hey birta!!! well its me FOLISHA, just wanted to c how me buddy old pal waz doin? i'm doin ok jus sayin home deze dayz. idk if i told ya but i grad. i might b goin bak to college tho....mmmmmm.... not sure yet. well jus get bak at me wenever aight or jus call me sumtimes k. ma # is (505)440-5237... well hey guess imma go now so lates....

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04/17/2008 06:16 PM


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03/27/2008 10:02 PM

=] im not easy! im medium-ish. lmao
fuck you gh sucks anyway. haha. jk ehh..its coz you got no life and you get time to practice, i hardly have any time for myself. lmao. that sounded all gay! anyway yes i know so what? i like girls, ok? lmaoo! yeah i saw you all drooling when that dead chick got on that guy, and took off her hehe i so used the stuff you gave me. :D ha. the movie was purdy good. i wanna see 21! it comes out tomorrooww.wooooo! anyway, how's it going?

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03/23/2008 02:57 AM

Hey thanks for adding me,I'm doin ok,how are you? :)

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03/20/2008 12:44 AM

mmmm hello darling! i was wondering about my guitar. I was hoping to start practicing that again, cuz my drums are too loud. as for leshi's bass...uh idk. she dont have a bass guitar, so i guess it's not going well. I MISSS U TOO!! omg you have no idea! =] yeah Lehsi is talking to me again, im not surprised, I knew she wouldnt stay mad to long, coz i think our relationship is to strong to let something as stupid as that last incident, get in the way of it. lol that sounded all lesbian! haha but you know what i mean. so yeah sunday...shutter..? or stutter..? whatever it's called! :D yeah..? well text mehh :D

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03/16/2008 11:46 AM

yo! sup lady? haha..i only got two friends on this thing how lame is that?! lol ummmm..yeahh...
o0o dang yer profile is gro0vy :] haha

love <3cheeese

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03/10/2008 09:58 PM

Hey I just signed up. HoverSpot Auto-Comment

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03/10/2008 05:27 PM

hey u!!!!!!!! dang gurl u look diff. im so happy 2 hear 4rm u. so wats crakalacking??? not much 4 me bt at skool no not sherman. i got shiped off 4rm der about a week ago. got caught drinking AGAIN. but yeah well i gots to go so ttyl