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Im a young dude only 16, Ive been saved sence i was about 8 but never acted like it or showed it untill about last year. I relized that I'm not to yung to go to Hell. (Its a real place folks) But i guess God jus touched my heart one day and convicted me of my doubled-mindedness and my sin so hard that i just had to turn my life around and just live for Him. So now i base my life off of 1 timothy 4:12. i would tell u but i want you to read it for yourself... This is me, Take it or leave it! God Bless Fam! Grace & Peace. Check out some of my music at

Set Apart

By PeeDee

A lot of my peers always ask me how do I have fun. They always say, “Well what do you and your
boys do? Yaw must have a boring life. You guys don’t go to parties or anything.” I laugh in my head
because I feel like I have more fun than even my worldly friends. I know how Paul told Timothy in
1Timothy 4:12 how we should set the example in life, in love, in speech, in faith, and in purity, so I
don’t fill like I’m missing out on anything. Then there’s a whole bunch of young people I know that
believe in God and know what is right and wrong, but they think that they have to bump their head in
order to get stronger and grow. That may be true, but why not learn from others mistakes instead of
going through unnecessary trials?

In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus said, “For them I sanctify myself, that they too may be truly
sanctified.” John 17:19 Jesus set himself apart in order to do God’s will. The idea of sanctified is the
setting apart for God and His particular use. Accordingly, believers are set apart for God and His
purposes alone so that the believer does only what God wants and hates everything that God hates.
Sanctification is accomplished by means of the truth, which is the revelation that the Son gave
regarding all that the Father commanded Him to communicate and is now contained in the
Scriptures left by the apostles.

This world is very wicked and if we try to blend in, we may as well join them completely. Of course, we
are in the world, but the Word of God says not to be of the world. So yea, my boys and I still go to the
high school basketball and football games, still hit up the mall, the show, and the plaza. But, we
make sure we keep it clean in our fun. If one of us slips or looks at a young lady in the wrong way, we
make sure we are like, “Ay homie chill out, and you better keep them eyes on the cross! Lol.” We drop
the Word and let it convict them. Also, when we hang out it is not in vein. We witness and try to prove
that being young and unashamed of the gospel of Christ is not boring.

The Bible says that his people are peculiar. Not in our own eyes, but in the eyes of the world. This
is so true because the way I think as young believers is completely different than the way most of my
peers think. We think different from the music we listen to, to the clothing we wear, the things we say,
etc. So this is why they always are like, “PeeDee dude, you are so weird” or they think I’m tripping
because I don’t bump the same kind of tunes as them. But, whether they know it or not, when you
don’t compromise your standards and stand strong in the faith, it is a positive influence on their life.

So if you’re young, and want to do right, and have the desire to do Gods will, then understand that
you will have to stand alone sometimes. Make sure that you set yourself apart from the world; be
sanctified. You don’t always have to try to be cool and blend in. Like my man Trip Lee said, “It's cool
to stand out.”

Music Musik is a big part of a christians walk. What you listen to plants seeds in your spirit, and if its negative it replays in your sub-conscience memory and you will begin to belive and act on what you hear. Most Hip-Hop and R & B is all about SEX, DRUGS, & MONEY. Therefore I dont even listen to secular Music anymore. I love Gospel Rap. My favorite rappers are: Ambassador, Da' T.R.U.T.H, Timothy Brendle, Yung Repz (My group), K-Nine, Lecrae, J-Son, Trip Lee and there many more....
Chek out my sight and hear some of my music at ic
Movies I like the Passion Of Christ. If you havent seen it go check it out! I also like Four Brothers, it wouldve been just as good without all the cussing though. Um, I like All the final Destinations. They make u think. I like Glory Road and Remeber the Titans, A lot of i cant think of all of now.
Chek out my sight and hear some of my music at ic
Sports I love Basketball i been playin all my life.
Chek out my sight and hear some of my music at ic
Hobbies I like to make musik, and i like to shop, hang out wit my clik, and kik it with my Gurl. Church is off the Chainz too!
Chek out my sight and hear some of my music at ic
General Chek out my sight and hear some of my music at ic

Get this video and more at

Get this video and more at

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Hey there boii iz been a minute since i have hitcha up !! So whats good ? Well ih hoep that all is well take it ez i better g' im here at work latez

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Whats Good PD..its ya boy KG holla back fam...pz

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hey...long time no see,...dropped in to say hi!! Holla at cha gurl!!

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hey peedee! i had fun hangin wit u, jenni, n mariah on monday. thanx a lot 4 comin. hopefully we can kick it more dis summer! one luv bro bro!

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Just stoppin by to show sum luvin to your page.. how are you doin ? How are you doin with your jamz ? Well i better g' im here at work as usual.. take care and peace be still

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hey...dis iz Nique juss stoppin bye 2 show u some luv as yo sista in Christ. keep doin yo thang wit yo music bro. God bless!

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Thanks for the add sexy whats goin on? get at me sometime later

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wats up, hey thanx 4 hitten up my page jus came to spread tha love-oh n stay away from my man! j.k. lol

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hey just droppin' by to say hi.... and im givin' big props to ur page cuz its hot i like it .... ttyl

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Hope you have a good week.. take care

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Just wanted to hitcha up and see how you were doin and shizz like that. I hope all is well.. take care and peace be still

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Wus Good PeeDee how you been man? Just tryna keep in touch wit all my new friends on here..u anyway I'll get back wit ya lata man..


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a thanx for the comments

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thanx 4 da comment

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