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Piss off. Don't have time for bullshiters

Ok... Are yall ready for the Truth? I really don't think yall are!!!!! Too Real To Blunt It hurt to hear it from me..... Get at me LMAO!!!!! Don't worry I don't BITE Much LOL!!!!!!

From Decatur, GA
Build/Figure Athletic
Ethnicity Black / African descent
Marital Status Single
Religion Christian
Sign Libra
Occupation Technical / Computers
Education Some college
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Well to who ever is Viewing me. I'm just going to keep it simple.... I'm down to earth person. I'm not looking to Serious on here. I like to make friends, Meet new people. I'm here to Meet some very Interesting Personality on here. I'm A Very busy man that work 4 jobs. Yes I said 4. If you seem cool I can always take off. I love playing all sports. I like working out, Far as being active. I really doubt anyone can keep up with me. I love Activity. So I do alot. As you can see I'm very Athletic this is something that will never go away or can't. I have 2% Body Fat I have a very extremely high metabolism.... I don't smoke never will. Drinking Maybe so so. Getting Drunk Ya right let me LMFAO!!!! with that. How about you get crazy pissy drunk while the next day you can watch yourself on YouTube. Yes I'm that person. If you fall I'll help you up after a good Laugh and Recording. No hard feeling I hope.... I do joke, jonning, clowning, chump. Well you get the point it's all the same meaning. I laugh we laugh you cry I still laugh. Hmm For Example now this is read from a few years ago. I told this guy that ran up on me trying to fight me. I'm sorry I'm a very funny fighter because knowing what I know. Lol I don't have to fight. Getting back to the main point. I told him.... LMFAO!!! Hey man WTF you going. I need you to take 5 feet back before I gash your eye's off glue it to your boot so you can watch me kick your ass. I laugh and walked off. How ever he did not like that. The guy ran up on me anyway than I broke arm in 2 places. Guy cry's and screaming like a **** Hmm I just lean down and said I told you know to **** with me. I'm guessing you did not think to know that I know 4 styles of Martial Art witch base off of Ninjutsu, Tai Jutsu, Muay Thai, Judo. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky I did kill ya have a nice day. Well That's enough about My lil stories Lol. I'm wondering would ya'll have any to tell me. Will see.

Sex And Fantasy

Ok I would not come up an just fuck you. I will ask you what you like in bed and how do you like it. Than I will do alot of 4Play in bed. I love to feel and touch the body...... But I will talk to you like you you where really here with me now. Lol.. I would slowly undress you. Lay you down on the bed or anywhere I can. Slowly start rubbing on you gliding my hands threw out your body as I get on top of you i'll come up and start to kiss on your neck as I hold both of your hands Down. Than I'll slowly Kiss you on your lips as I'm looking in your eye's as I slowly glide down gliding my fingers down your chest I'll start to rub and touch on your nipples as I learn down for an taste. As I roll my tongue around your nipple. and pinching on the other. than I'll slide father down on you and glide my hands between your legs gripping the inside of you tight and gliding my hands up your thighs. I continue down and start to touch you there and ask you do you like? as I slide 2 fingers father up inside you. I'll smile and learn down to slowly stick out my tongue to give it an taste. As I slowly lick up your Clit with the very tip on my tongue I take out My fingers and slowly slide my tongue up in you pushing deeper and deeper making you feel me digging you. I suck you Pre cum up and damn you so wet I can still taste your Pre cumming in my mouth. As I feel you grab my head and pushing yourself in my mouth screaming I want to cum so bad I'm cumming you head lock me down on your pussy as you griding hard and harder. Than you start to shake as your making me eat you out and Cumming in my mouth hard. I'm screaming I can't take it. Yet your still going hard. You flip me onto my back and sit down on my mouth and griding harder and faster. telling me your about to cum again. im pushing my tongue up in you. Than I stop and lay you back down before you cum and start to 4Play you again. I get back on top of you and slide my dick in between your pussy pushing back and forth and Im kissing you ever so deeply. Than I put just the very tip of my dick head in you. and say your fucking wet. Ask I slowly slide it in you I get closer and down you to my chest...... I can't go on anymore bc Now I just got Horny Lol.

Mutual Passion Part Two

Ok you know I have to get horny as hell for this shit lol I think I out did myself on this one. Part Two. I came home from a hard day of work to see you about to start dinner for us. As I walk tors you I grab your hips and ask you how was your day. You tell me baby it was fine but I was very lonely. I miss you dearly hmm I say really now as I start to kiss on your neck. I ask what do you miss about me love. You said your soft touch and kisses. I start to wrap my arms around you and rubbing my fingers through your body as I turned you around I kiss you more as I start to caressing your body I slowly move my hand up through your shirt I begging to push you against the wall as I slowly start to which my hands up inside you I kiss you deeper pushing your body up against the wall harder you start to lift 1 of your legs up and wrap it around me as I push my fingers deeper up inside of you as we kiss more my left hand is going underneath your shirt touching and caressing your breasts. I ask you how does it feels. You reply I love it baby more. You start to take off my shirt and unbuckle my pants. I take off your shirt and bra off and I start to suck on your nipples touching on you caressing you so deeply. You tell me damn baby this feels good. I start to lift you straight up and pushing you against a wall with your legs while open. As I stick my tongue slowly inside you pushing digging deeper in your wet pussy. You grab my head and started grid on me harder and deeper grind moaning and groaning screaming baby I’m about to Cum!!!!!! You go faster and faster as you grinding harder on my face you tell me baby I can’t!!!! I CAN”T hold it!!!! I wanna cumm so bad. So much in your mouth you start to scream louder. Baby I CAN’T!!!! Until you Came and field my mouth forcefully with your cum. I slowly let you down sliding down against the wall we start kissing and caressing each other you grab on my dick and slowly glide your hands up and down. As I smiled tor’s you. You slide it inside of you as I hold both of your hands against the well as I push deeper sliding myself in and out of you pushing my body up against you kissing and biting down on your neck as your scratching my back I'm fucking you deeper and faster. I stopped and turn you around and slide myself back inside you from the back. I make you lean down as I started to touch on your clit rubbing and touching you pulling and tugging you scream out my name I’m about to cum!!!! again baby no don't make me please baby don’t as I push faster and harder inside you I’m scream baby cum on me I want to feel you on me as I say I'm about to cum!!! to baby as i hold your hips I’m fucking you faster and harder leaning over you drilling you deep holding on to your breast you bind down alil and start to spread your legs. you're moaning and I’m groaning l push you up against the wall fucking you deeper pushing myself in you tell you to take it baby open it up boo I want you feel you now!!!!! Let it go I’m touching squeezing your nipples feel me deeper in you baby as I kiss you sucking on your lips. You scream baby I'm cumming I can’t hold it I CAN’T!!!!!. I'm groaning and screaming your name I'm about to cumm!!!!! With you…………. As we came together. We went to bed........ 3 hours later as I’m sleeping as I wake up feeling you caressing on top of my body kissing me touching me all over you looked up and say ohh you’re awake. You say baby don’t move stay right there as you move down and slowly start to slide my dick inside your mouth sucking me. I said baby turn around let me slide my tongue up inside you please I want to taste you as well. You turned around you are arch your back and put your pussy deep in my mouth were doing the 69. You start to suck on me harder I start to push my tongue up in you deeper you as I grab your ass tighter. I’m digging so deep in you. I start to feel you slip and pre cum in my mouth. I dig deeper and DEEPER!!!!!!! You starting to arch your back more and I can feel you’re shaking trying to hold back. You starting to moan as you suck my dick harder and faster. I’m trying to hold back. Your screaming oh baby I feel you slipping cum baby for me let me taste you. I said no as I squeeze your ass harder and tighter trying to hold back can I start to let go cumming all in you. As I grip your ass tight forcing my tongue deeper inside you I'm making you grid me. As you scream no baby no!!! I say yes cum baby I wanna taste you so bad. Let me have it please. I want it cumm!!!!!! As you push down harder riding my face. I say baby I can’t take it. You said yes you can as you hold down my legs. As you pushing your pussy down harder grinding in my mouth making me eat you as you scream out baby are u ready for this wet pussy to cum. I say no!!!! Baby I can’t take it please don’t make me eat you. You moan and grind harder and HARDER!!!!!! Moaning and screaming I’m about to cumm!!!! Baby take it. As you push back and forth faster and faster screaming!!!! BABY IM CUMMING!!!!!!!! As you open your legs wider and pushing your body down on my mouth and Cumming all in me. I tryed to push you off but your still grinding and Cumming making eat you. You slowly climbed off of me and said baby I want more. I said baby okay as I gently late you down and slowly. Climb on top for you and grind between your legs I start kissing you grabbing and gripping your hands as i carefully slowly slide down and start sucking on your nipples and come back up and nibbling your neck. So slowly penetrate you moving my body up and down on yours slowly on yours grinding inside of you. Touching caressing you gently gliding my hands through your hair. Grinding in you deeper and deeper. Holding you tighter against my body. Whispering in your ear telling u that you feel so good so wet I start to intensely make love to you. Screaming your name. Pulling your hair. Sexing your deeper. I start pushing your legs all the way back drilling you so deeply while pushing my chest against your chest. Feeling me feeling you. Kissing you our tongue is dancing together. The passion grabbing on to your hands pushing down on the bed deeper baby damn!!!!!!!! I feel you slipping. You scream!!!! My name I’m Cumming as you grab on to my back pulling yourself in me. I’m screaming your name louder I don’t care who hear us. I’m holding the sheets scream baby I’m cumm!!!!!!!!! You bite my neck as you scream out loud IM CUMMING!!!!! As I’m pull myself deep in you as I called out you name I’m CUMMING!!!! With you baby!!!!!................ 7 mins late were still shaking while holding Each other closely. As we both fall asleep. 5 hours later I’m waking up and just looking at you while holding you. I’m saying to myself I’m not going to work today. I like laying here with my boo. Hope you’ll enjoy this. There may be might be another part to this lol

This Old ass Video Not even that good to me. LOL

Music i listin to all muisc but not country

Movies i like alot of actoin movies
Sports football, Basketball, Track, and much more
Hobbies ask and i may tell you
General Want to see more of me go here m/elliatt liatt



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