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I consider myself to be a caring, loving, confident, smart, sweet, and very kind human being. I value honesty and good manners..I'm a very simple person but at the same time, I have style and presence. I respect good values and hard work. I do believe in true love, and the commitment that it takes while you are in one. I love to travel and have fun... I'm passionate and loving....

Hobbies i like playing tennis,listening to music,like traveling,dining out,love attending live jazz concerts.I like reading poetry,novels,arts and crafts.My favorites are:thai food,french toast and red wine, Fav color:Yellow.

General I am an open minded person,trustworthy,cool,l oving,caring,understandin g,down to earth.I been straight and want same in return cos i wont treat people the way i don't want to be treated.As you know that Greatness lies in Simplicity,don't you think so?


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