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I am one of those people who loves to be around peole i guess you could say im a people person. i love to go out and party. i love to smile and make other people happy. *Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive.

From Hartford, WI
Build/Figure Slim
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Education High school
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I AM DEFINATLY A PARTIER! i know how to go out and have a good time! i am a laid back person who is one to trying anything at least once. and best of all i am one of the most excepting people that you may ever meet! I am in a commited relationship with my amazing boyfriend right now, he has given me the world, i could never ask for anything better! he is a truly amamzing person who i will love forever. I MADE PROM COURT :)
Music i love to listen to any kind of music minus POLKA!i enjoy the sounds of Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band,keller williams, ect.
Movies im pretty open to watching new movie ganeras. i love everything from classics to scary flicks.
Sports im an athletic person so i am up for any good challenge. By far my favorite sports are soccer,dance and volleyball. And this year Hartford's Varsity Basketball IS GOING TO STATE!!!
Hobbies i always lov i alwae to be with people and out partying. and most or all i love to dace!i seriously always end up partying and thats just the way i like it! I LOVE TO MEET NEW PEOPLE!!!
General I SAY TRY EVERYTHING ONCE...Who knows you may like it! I am in the most incredable relationship, with the most incredable person, LAWRENCE, i love this boy with all of my heart and i hope that everyone experiences the kind of relationship that we have!


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I Run to You....
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11/21/2006 04:16 PM

just whated to say hey

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04/07/2006 11:48 AM


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03/30/2006 03:08 PM

hey bud i kno i miss u lots too! and i love u lots bud! lata gata!
ur daughter

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03/30/2006 11:08 AM

i dont know?

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03/30/2006 09:58 AM

I am the dreaded English teacher (dum dum dum!!) I'm so mean...I'm making them write a research paper and everything : ) I teach seniors and freshman repeaters right now...I will teach 10th and 11th grade honors students at the end of the semester for a few weeks

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03/30/2006 09:51 AM

I played QB and outside linebacker. also tightend

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03/30/2006 09:30 AM

Is that your grandpa on your profile? Its a really sweet picture

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03/29/2006 05:39 PM

heyy whats up

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03/29/2006 01:07 PM

i was just wondering.......

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03/29/2006 01:02 PM

Im on my lunch break...I am doing my student teaching right now and Im waiting for my ninth graders to come back....*sigh Spring Break can't come soon enough for teachers as well as students

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03/29/2006 12:58 PM

Hey whats up?

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03/29/2006 12:45 PM

when did u say prom was?????

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03/27/2006 09:02 AM

hey whats up?

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03/23/2006 09:47 PM

i mean thanks**

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03/23/2006 09:47 PM

hey! thats for the add