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From Cameron, NC
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Music Heavy Metal Music!
Movies See No Evil & The Marine!
Sports WWE, ECW, and TNA!
Hobbies I'm a wrestler and i wrestle!
General I hang out with my best friends shannon moore and gregory helms, plus my brother matt and his girl ashley massaro!

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03/20/2010 04:25 PM

hey jeff whats up? me nothing much and thanks for the add

baby gurl23
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07/31/2009 04:19 PM

hey jeff hows it going with u good i hope
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07/29/2009 02:06 PM

hey Jeff WATS up me nothing just chilling oh and im Vonda's good friend James thanks for adding me

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12/31/2008 09:56 PM

HAPPY NEW YEAR....Best wishes for a year full of Happiness and joy

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11/28/2008 10:21 PM

hey there, It's sucks what happen on sunday , but cant wait untill you get edge back!

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11/20/2008 06:25 PM

hows it going jeff might i say you are very handsome

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05/26/2008 03:04 AM

just wanted to drop you a line to say hey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how have you been? how's everything going? good on my end. well,i'll quit typing and let you answer your stuff. drop me a line sometime.

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04/10/2008 11:30 PM

hey!sorry to hear about your loss on your house.hope things get better for and my kids watched wrestlemania and was disappointed when we didn't see you on it.i guess we missed an episode because we haven't see you on in it in awhile.did something happen to you where you can't wrestle for awhile if so hope you get to feel better.from me and my boys.

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03/17/2008 09:18 PM

Jeff Hardy's home destroyed by fire late Friday night.

Date: 03/17 21:10 PM

Jeff Hardy's home destroyed by fire
By: Corey Clayton
Written: March 16, 2008
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Raw Superstar and former Intercontinental Champion Jeff Hardy lost his Cameron, N.C., home to fire late Friday night.

Hardy was not at home at the time of the blaze. His home is being reported as a total loss.

At this time, the Superstar has been unavailable for comment on the incident.

News reports state that Moore County Fire Department officials currently list the cause of the fire as "undetermined." Fire department officials also stated that foul play is not being investigated, as Hardy reportedly told investigators that he did not have insurance on his home.

On his personal blog, Raw commentator Jim Ross reported that Jeff's brother, Matt, saw smoke coming from Jeff's home late Friday night and was able to confirm that no one was home, but was too late to do anything to save the house. Read J.R.'s blog post

Keep checking back as provides continuous coverage with up-to-the-minute details and information as it becomes available.

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03/14/2008 04:03 PM

im rel sorry jeff hardy that you got spened for 60 days witch is 2 mounths. but i still like you any ways becuse i belive in you and your brother matt you too are my wrestling heros and i hope some day to get to meet you and your brother matt and get a pic of you too and with you both and have you both sing the booki have of yours.

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03/07/2008 09:58 AM

hey!jeff how r u?is there anyway that u can let me know your new entrance song i really like it the night it changed my sons were being loud can u tell me the name of it and who sings it? i hope you you win at wrestle mania we will be watching on pay per good luck!!!!!!!!my sons told me to tell you hi.they are 5,6,&10 yrs.old.they r big fans of 10 year old tries to do some of your moves while on the trampoline.well,good luck at wrestle mania you have alot of fans supporting you!

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02/05/2008 07:18 PM

jeff you are so oh my god looking to me i wont to move to nort carolina becuse of you and your brother matt you too where born in north carolina you might still live thhire to this day when people ask me this if i had any where in the wrold to take a trip to i say north carolina that say why i say my faort wwe wretlers are from thire and i wont to move thire so badly i love north carolina its my favort state i even have a atless of north carolina and stuff im a jeff hardt freack lover ever thing i do is breath sleep jeff hardy some times i like to dress like you and stuff i hope some day i get to meet you annd get a pic with you and i will trusher it four life you and matt hare my wrestling heros hope you know that. jeff i think you are so brave to do what you do some times like jump off things go up high i can't do that im afrade of highests like that but you just go up high and jump i like you four that you are brave person to do that i give you the crest to do that kinda stuff hats off to you on that one.

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02/05/2008 07:01 PM

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12/19/2007 08:22 PM

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