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Welcome to this fucked up world i call my life, i have been expecting you to come by.

From Lexington, SC
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Hello there little ones that decided to come back by my page and give my world a little visit. I have a twisted little world that people just cant get the hang of just yet. Little hint, you might never be able to get how my life is. It's so confusing. My brother michael died in 05 and i miss him like crazy, i get depressed a little bit because of that. I have awesome and loving family and friends. I just got back from kentucky and i loved i there, too bad my bf lives there and i couldnt bring him back with me. He is everything that i have asked for, yes i know i have been through too many of the relationships, but this guy is for real and he loves me for me not just looks and all that good stuff. His nickname is doobie. People call me pookie and my friend gave me that nick name. I dropped out of school, ill tell you about that later, but yeah. Friends come to me for advice, there is drama i dont like to be in and caught up in and thats why i try to avoid that as much as possible. Anything else you want to know about my life, tell me or ask me and ill tell you.
Music i have a lot of music i like, cradle of filth, my chemical romance, panic at the disco, rob zombie, nightwish, muse, nine inch nails, evanescence, limp bizkit, nickelback, blue october, edwin mccain, him, slayer, cky, snow patrol, frankie j, afi, aiden, slipknot, korn, god smack, pod, staind, crossfade, megadeth, metallica, prince, journy, alter bridge, hoobastank, avenged sevenfold, hawthorne heights. thats about it for now lol. More new music will be updated soon

Movies The lost boys, freddy vs jason, the mask, liar liar, MIB 1&2, american pie, practical magic, devils rejects, resident evil, queen of the damnd, the cell, interview of the vampire, all the scary movies, scream, hot chicks, white chicks, 50 first dates, duce bigalow 1 &2, all harry potter movies. so far so good thats it for now lol. Hell i have a lot more just ask, there are new ones i have.
Sports Football (go gamecocks), basketball. thats about it for me just doesnt matter to me. John cena hell yea
Hobbies Hanging with my friends, traveling, going to sleep, staying on the computer, staying up late at night, getting out the house, talking on the phone, just plain out doing stuff i love to do.
General My baby john because i love him so much and i miss him, he lives in kentucky, he saved my life, and ill tell you about that little story here in a little bit hell let me tell you now. Well it was the 4th of july and i wanted to end my life, i sent john a message trying to become his friend, so that night i was going to end my life til he started to talk to me, he helped me out a lot. I am glad that he did, i would be dead today and wouldnt have the most wonderful guy that i know right now, he is so sweet.
Anime, Blood, Darkness, Bondage, S&M, Talking on the phone, Talking on the computer, Hanging out with friends, Going to the movies, Going to the mall, Get out the house as much as i can, Making new friends, Horror movies, Antying really, i write stories from time to time. Sleeping i love doing that, Singing, Dancing, talking on myspace more than here. You know that kind of stuff.

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02/05/2008 01:08 PM

hey whats going on i miss ya and i got vidz up on youtube....and stuff..well ive been very busy and stuff.. doing things u u look different

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~I'll Save You~
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04/29/2007 03:26 AM


~I'll Save You~
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04/27/2007 04:39 PM

i've been good. and u?

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04/27/2007 04:23 PM

Well uve been using another name and stuff so i dont know where youve been at!

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04/27/2007 04:15 PM

Long time no talk how you been? Comment the pics and stuffy!

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03/27/2007 02:55 PM

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11/29/2006 11:09 PM

tks 4 the add

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11/29/2006 09:49 PM

check out my newest pics hun!

chris F
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11/28/2006 11:44 PM

sweet looking page

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hey...thx for the add.

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11/28/2006 09:22 PM

hey thanks for the add