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Hiya peeps...erm...a bit bout me? well, as you can see from my photo, i have dark brown hair, blue eyes and i have a slim figure. I am an easy going person but quite shy until i get to know people well. Dunno what else i am supposed to write in this lol x

From Holmefield, UK
Build/Figure Slim
Ethnicity Caucasian/White
Marital Status In a Relationship
Religion Christian
Sign Cancer
Occupation Legal
Education Some college
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Hiya agen, my name is Kerry-leigh Pearce. I live in England, in Halifax. I have dark brown hair, blue eyes, n i have quite a slim figure. N my best friend is called Ellie lurve ya t bits n pieces chick. My other close mate is megan luv u too huni, n then there is Roxanne (Roxy), Bianca (Bee), Hannah (Dolly), Beki (Bex) and Debbie (Debz)...n many more sori if i aint named ya but u no hu ya are n that i lurve ya, it's just that there are that many of ya's i can't remember u all lmao (onli joking)...oh yeh n Ellie is shouting at me coz i aint put Dean (Deano) lol hu is is her boyfriend...bye bye xxx
Music erm...what music do i like???erm...the kooks, snow patrol, razorlight, the killers, the feeling, cassie, rihanna and many more so i'll stop naming them all now lol xxx
Movies erm...films???ermmm...jus t my luck coz it's quite funny hehe, john tucker must die coz it's hilarious n jesse metcalfe is so hot, final destination 1, 2 and 3 coz i dunno y they're just gr8 lol, also, cinderella story coz chad michael murray is so sweet n hot lol and last but not least, mean girls coz it's full of plastics n fake people just like most of the girls in my year...not naming anyone *coff coff* Oh yeh n i practically like any chick flick ever made lol xxx
Sports erm...i don't really like any sports apart from ballet, tap, jazz, acro and pointwork. Oh yeh, n i lurve basketball n trampolining (lurve jumping around n getting hyper woop woop)...hehe...dunno wot else...i'll ave a think...
Hobbies erm...hobbies are sleeping, eating and PARTYING woohoo!!! Also, spending time with my best friend, Ellie..I don't think that i have anymore hobbies really...oh yeh how could i forget ***SHOPPING*** woohoo! xxx n well, prom was my biggest hobby but it is over now n it wasone of the best days of my life,n i can not wait until next year prom yaaaaaaay xxx
General Dunno what to put for general lol xxx

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07/02/2007 12:37 PM


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02/14/2007 04:21 AM

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01/31/2007 06:46 AM

hiya evri1,
owa yew?
wt ya up t?
w/b luv me

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01/25/2007 04:12 PM

ure welcome...anytynm huni...owes u? wt u bin up to?
w/b luv me x

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01/24/2007 06:32 PM

Thanx for the comment :P

Lil DJ
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01/16/2007 02:18 PM

hey this showin yo page sum love and i had comment sum of yo pictures hope u do the same

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01/16/2007 01:36 PM

aww...thankyou Salg, i carnt c u in the pic lol, but al avea luk if ya ave any more pics lol. what you been up to? write back luv me x

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01/16/2007 04:42 AM

hiya, its okay, everything's fine thanx n u? write back luv me x

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01/12/2007 01:08 PM

hiya, thanks, yeh i just signed up so not got many friends yet lol, owe r ya?
write bk luv me